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List of Works


The City of Dis

2021. A symphonic poem. 12 minutes. 222+( 2-42-Timp-5perc-Hp-strings

This symphonic poem alludes to a particular place in Dante’s first part of the Divine Comedy - the City of Dis and its various citizens


"Miroirs" for Violin and Orchestra

2020. In 5 movements. 23 minutes. 2122(Cbsn)- 22-Timp-2perc-Hp-strings

Commissioned by Julia Bushkova.

for Piano and Orchestra

2022. In 4 movements. 35 minutes. 2222-4231-Timp-4perc-Hp-strings

Dedicated to Alexei Volodin

Toccata for
Piano and Orchestra

2010.  6 minutes. 2222-4231-Timp-3perc--strings


"Nevsky Waltz"

2017. For Violin Ensemble and Piano. 5'16'' minutes.

Commissioned by Julia Bushkova and Ensemble "ViolUNTi"


2017. For Violin Ensemble. 7 minutes.

Commissioned by Julia Bushkova and Ensemble "ViolUNTi"

Chamber Music

Four Vignettes

2018. For four violins. 10 minutes.

Dedicated to Julia Bushkova

Five Duets

2022. For two violins. 9 minutes.

Commissioned by Sinn Yang.

"Jack of Diamonds"

2023. Rhapsody for double bass and piano. 12 minutes.

Commissioned by Jeff Bradetich

"On the Ferry to Stockholm"

2019. For sopranino recorder and guitar. 10 minutes.

Commissioned by Paul Leenhouts



2019. For piano. In 4 movements. 25 minutes.


2018. For cello. 12 minutes.

Commissioned by Cicely Parnas

Concert Etudes

2017. 6 virtuosic etudes for piano. 24 minutes.


2018. For trumpet in C. (also there is a version for Trumpet in B flat). 10 minutes.

In memoriam Robert Bushkov


2014-2020. For piano. Selection of miniatures.

"Les Exercices Romantiques"

2020. For piano. Two etudes for two fingers (chopsticks). 10 minutes.

Dedicated to Thomas Shaw


2015. Fantasie for piano. 10 minutes.

Fantasie "Romantica"

2016. Fantasie for piano in the style of Franz Liszt. 6 minutes.

Composed for the Liszt Festival (2016)


J.S. Bach

2020. For violin ensemble. 15 minutes.

Dedicated to Julia Bushkova

"Sing Not to Me"

2020. Solo violin, violin ensemble, and piano. 5 minutes.

Dedicated to Julia Bushkova

"Der Erlkonig"

2018. For six violins. 4'30'' minutes.

"Songs My Mother Taught Me"

2017. For violin ensemble and piano. 4 minutes.

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